We’ve put together a list of of our choice of the top advertising resources, online or offline. We’ve only included  those we use or know.

But, if there are any you think we’ve missed please get in touch.


Essential – (1) A great promotional channel for your videos (2) The second biggest search engine – be there if you want your content to be found (3) An indispensable resource when you need to learn how to do something.


Interbrand’s Brand Channel is a comprehensive brand strategy site offering stacks of useful content, including breaking news, comprehensive glossaries, and groundbreaking interviews from the most powerful executives in the business.

Want some great Q&As? Be sure to check out the 5 Questions section.

Institute of practitioners in Advertising

The professional society for UK agencies and others involved in the field.

Advertising is a complex business and you’re going to need some form of automation platform to keep a handle on it all.  There are quite a few about, but Monday brings it all together and integrates with almost evey tool you can think of.

Resource Guru

When you get busy, Resource Guru is a brilliant and inexpensive tool for keeping an eye on all your scheduling.


Email marketing will be around for a long time, so you will need a sound platform. We’re not suggesting the biggest name here, but one that keeps its prices reasonable and has a pack of features straight out of the box.

Google Search Console

There are many keyword tools available, and if you are involved in any form of online advertising you’re going to need one. So why not use this great tool from Google themselves – and it’s free!

Answer the public

One of my favourite tools of the moment. An incredible search tool to understand the questions people are asking right now.

If you’re preparing advertising or content or just looking for search term clues. Look no further.

Plan-too planning cards

Sometimes low tech solutions have the edge. These low cost, sets of cards are great for strategic planning. Especially good for teams where they can be laid down, discussed and used to spark ideas.